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What Kids Get from Taekwondo in Indianapolis That Go beyond Fighting

While some people look at martial arts as a sports field focusing on the mastery of unarmed combat, most practitioners will tell you that there is more to it than the physical engagement. Stacey Nemour, Huffington Post writer and a Kung Fu black belter, shares her fellow practitioners’ views about martial arts, in this excerpt from her article:
"After twenty years of teaching martial arts to students from age three to eighty, I have observed that the benefits to every age has been nothing less than astonishing! Some include control of aggressive behavior and the gain of self-respect, self-control, self-defense, self-esteem, focus, confidence, and courtesy. As an additional benefit, the child will also excel in other athletic endeavors. Martial arts training gives your son or daughter the chance to strengthen in mind as well as body. It encompasses not just the physical aspect of the "sport", but mental and emotional lessons as well."
Sure, there are parents who may think that enrolling their children in martial arts classes is the last thing to do in a society that “glorifies” violence. As it turns out, they are misled by their own perceptions of martial arts training. A well-integrated and reputable Indianapolis martial arts club can teach practitioners, especially children, valuable life lessons. Here are some of the major benefits that kids can get from martial arts training.

What Kids Get from Taekwondo in Indianapolis That Go beyond Fighting

Better self-discipline. All forms practiced in martial arts put great stress on a singular central tenet: self-discipline. Self-restraint and patience don’t come naturally for most children, but kids with martial arts background, however, tend to have more control, perhaps from having absorbed the lessons of restraint drummed into them from months or years of martial arts practice.
Better socialization skills. Children of more introverted natures will find it easier to mingle with peers with whom they share a common interest. This is the atmosphere that martial arts schools always aim to project – a sense of good camaraderie. Many martial arts schools encourage partner-driven sparring sessions, which heightens the sense of fraternity even more.
Increased self-esteem. Every move learned and every belt earned instills a sense of confidence within the child, which can ultimately enhance his own self-image, as well as his social skills.
A better sense of respect and focus. Martial arts students are encouraged to show unflinching respect toward their masters as an approach toward self-discipline and consideration for authority figures. Utmost attention is required to learn new moves, thus ultimately improving how children focus whether at school or outside of it.
If you’re looking for a good outlet to help your children develop all three aspects of their being—mentally, emotionally, and physically—including learning ways to protect themselves, there are excellent martial arts studios teaching taekwondo in Indianapolis. Established schools, such as TKO Tae Kwon Do offer mixed martial arts and self-defense skills that incorporate the essence of sports and fitness, as well.
(Source: "The Transforming Power of Martial Arts for Children", Huffington Post, May 21, 2010)

Indianapolis Martial Arts Centers Help People Get Fit With Kickboxing

Getting fit is a major concern of many adults these days. It’s no longer just a case of vanity. For some people, especially with chronic ailments, staying in shape through diet and exercise is a lifeline. For the rest, making the effort to be in great shape is a good indicator of keeping within a healthy lifestyle that ensures one a longer life, and the ability to enjoy life’s pleasures even more.

Indianapolis Martial Arts Centers Help People Get Fit With Kickboxing

The main obstacle in getting fit is that it often takes a lot of effort and time. Fortunately, Indianapolis martial arts centers like TKO Indy offer courses in kickboxing, which is one of the efficient ways to develop trim fighting form. Linda Ray, a journalist for Livestrong, recently wrote an article discussing the benefits of the sport:
"Because cardio kickboxing is a total-body workout, you can save time by combining your workouts into one routine. According to American Fitness Professionals and Associates, cardio kickboxing is an efficient use of your time. No physical contact is used in the exercise, but all the important aspects of exercising are included in the routine. Cardiovascular and respiratory fitness, flexibility, strength building, endurance and body composition all are covered with one workout."
There are other advantages to kickboxing. First, it is a great calorie-burner. A practitioner can expect to burn through three hundred to four hundred calories in a single one-hour workout. Expect to lose even more through from the weekly multiple sessions. Second, kickboxing improves coordination. The combination of kicks and punches helps develop good reflexes. Third, it builds strength. Kicks and punches need muscle strength behind them to deliver the power needed for knockout blows. Fourth, a kick boxer’s cardiovascular system improves as stamina develops with consistent kickboxing workout.
The improvements are not just physical. Punching and kicking a bag can release stress, reducing the emotional and mental burden on one’s mind. Additionally, sparring sharpens a person’s physical awareness, making him more alert and on his toes. Feeling better about one’s body contributes to one’s self-esteem, an important ingredient in any social setting. Self-defense training, in fact, is just the gravy. Getting into firm fighting form, burning calories, and other health benefits are the reasons why a good number of people, women including, are seeking out the dynamic kickboxing classes in Indianapolis, such as the martial arts training at TKO Indy.
(Source: "Benefits of Cardio Kickboxing", February 6, 2014)

Girls in Indianapolis Martial Arts Club: Fighting the Princess Complex

When it comes to raising little girls, today’s parents have plenty to worry about: self-image, eating disorders, depression—all stemming from a culture that teaches that a woman’s worth is defined more by her physical beauty than by her smarts. You need only watch one popular Disney princess story to know that this is true. These stories drive home the same stereotypical view of femininity: pert straight nose, tiny waist, long lustrous hair, and a desire to meet or be saved by a “Prince Charming”. It is left to parents to explain to their young darlings that there can be all kinds of princesses, some of which are actually good role models.

tips for raising well-rounded girls in a princess dominated world

So how do you fight the princess complex? How do you instill in your little girls that their road to success does not solely depend on being pretty and snaring a Prince Charming? Peggy Orenstein, author of the New York Times bestseller “Cinderella Ate My Daughter”, offers the following tips:
The first two you can apply yourself at home. The last however, will require enrolling your little lady to the appropriate classes. If you decide that martial arts is the one for your child or if she expresses interest in the sport, an established Indianapolis martial arts club like TKO Indy will be able to assist you. They often have basic classes for beginners as young as four years old.
Martial arts equips girls with the ‘weapons’ they need to develop high self-esteem and self-reliance. Not only that, kids who are into martial arts tend to be more physically active, thereby making them fit and healthy. Martial arts teaches children how to focus, to anticipate and take hits with grace, as well as to relax under pressure. If you want your child to become self-confident, self-motivated, and goal-oriented, then it’s time to take them to an Indianapolis MMA facility like TKO Indy for some martial arts lessons.
(Source: "Tips for raising well-rounded girls in a princess dominated world", PBS NewsHour, May 6, 2014)

Why Women Should Learn Kickboxing in Indianapolis Martial Arts Clubs

If you’re looking for a great workout opportunity and some excellent martial arts training, why not get them both at the same time through kickboxing lessons in good old Naptown? More than just a competitive sport, kickboxing is also a popular form of martial arts practiced in many oriental countries. To help you consider this avenue of fitness, here are some facts about the benefits that you can get out of learning kickboxing in Indianapolis martial arts clubs like TKO Indy:

benefits of kickboxing for women

Efficient Cross-Training
Cardio and strength training generally don’t mix – you’re either calorie-burning your way through hours on a treadmill or pumping iron and lifting your way to a solid core or some muscle mass. However, many martial arts styles like kickboxing have elements that efficiently combine the two, making for excellent cross-training that doesn’t sacrifice either. Throughout your training, you will have to develop your stamina and endurance (cardio), work on your core, and strengthen your limbs for effective punches and kicks.
Improving Coordination
Lack of proper body coordination during a physical activity can easily wear down your muscles and joints, which is why you quickly get fatigued even in minimal workouts. With kickboxing on the other hand, you learn to train your entire body to work, in turn improving your reflexes and hand-eye coordination skills. This is what gives boxers their agility and quick decision-making skills.
According to Livestrong.com contributor Melanie Jones, kickboxing is also an excellent means of defending oneself:
"Kickboxing for women can be used as a means of self-defense, according to AFPA. During kickboxing classes, the instructor focuses on teaching kicks, punches, knee-ups and bobbing and weaving. Participants doing kickboxing also learn how to gauge distance and landing punches and kicks. Most moves will be practiced on bags to help with landing the move on a particular object. The bobbing and weaving, kicks, knee-ups and punches can all be used for self-defense if ever needed."
Physical and Mental Boost
Kickboxing gives not only your body that much-needed boost, but your mind as well – aside from its high-energy benefits, the workout also helps your body release endorphins for that nice, satisfying feel after every session. This process can also relieve you of stress, while keeping your muscles active and toned. Moreover, exercise like this also helps rid your body of harmful toxins.
Don’t just work out, learn martial arts in Indianapolis centers – it’s the best way to learn self-defense and work up a good sweat at the same time. Who knows, you might even enjoy kickboxing inside the ring with a sparring partner once in a while.
(Source: "Benefits of Kickboxing for Women", Livestrong)