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Boxing and Kickboxing Classes

Taekwondo Classes
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Whether you want to be a competitor or just get a good workout, our combined Boxing/Kickboxing classes are worth the time.
You’ll see both immediate and long-lasting benefits, including:
Weight loss: Kickboxing is considered the ultimate workout because it combines movement with kicks and punches for a high-intensity workout that combines both cardio and strength training. You will burn more fat and build more muscle, resulting in greater weight loss and longer lasting results.
Peak physical fitness: Because kickboxing is such a complete total-body workout, it will get you into better shape than you have been in your life. Whether you are new to the world of fitness or already exercise regularly, our world-class instructors are about to help you find out just how much your body is capable of.
Improved mental health: Exercise has been proven to release endorphins that help elevate mood and contribute to mental clarity.
Increased self-esteem: Studies indicate that athletes have better body image than non-athletes because they focus as much on how their body performs as they do on how it looks. Not only will you feel more confident in the way your newly toned body looks, you will also be more confident in what it can do.
A sense of security: Whether you are walking to your car in a dim parking lot or going out alone in the evenings, you will be more comfortable and confident with the knowledge that you have the skills to defend yourself should the need arise.
A place in our community: TKO martial arts club is a gathering place for athletes and martial artists just like you. At our classes and fight nights, you will meet other students who are dedicated to reaching their peak performance through high-intensity training, which can help you make new friends who share your interests.

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